A vibrant collection

Continuing our mission to spread awareness about the
possibilities and necessity of conscious fashion, our Spring - Summer '24 collection is all about making sustainable decisions.

The designer has always kept a weather eye on his mission: to make a statement about the possibilities and necessity of conscious fashion, through a luxurious contemporary ode to classic design.
As pioneers in conscious fashion, the contemporary ode to classic, clean-cut styles of the brand represents a new kind of luxury.

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Le futur prôche

A conscious fashion label representing future elegance with a contemporary and clean style.

Our manifesto

Conscious fashion. 

Our beliefs. 

Our hopes. 

Our promises.

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Slow fashion, slow food: Colatura di Cetara.

As you may know, founder Fauzia Egidio is very passionate about exploring slow food. Since, this too, contributes to a sustainable lifestyle and has a positive impact on the world. 

— Read more about the technique of the Colatura di Cetara production.

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