Slow fashion, slow food: Colatura di Cetara.

Slow fashion, slow food: Colatura di Cetara.

Slow fashion, slow food: Colatura di Cetara.

Lovable Slow Food.

As you may know, founder Fauzia Egidio is very passionate about exploring slow food. Since, this too, contributes to a sustainable lifestyle and has a positive impact on the world. 

Cetara is a small idyllic fishing village by the Amalfi coast in Italy. Here, “Colatura” is part of an ancient tradition. Fishermen from the village catch anchovies with special fishing nets, making sure only the adult anchovies stay inside the nets. 

The slow process.

After, the freshly caught anchovies are beheaded, eviscerated and placed in a wooden container called a terzigno (a small barrel). They are placed in alternate layers with salt on top. Then a wooden lid tompagno secured by a heavy stone, is placed directly on top of the final layer.

The anchovies are left to mature for twelve to eighteen months. After maturation, a liquid rises to the surface due to the pressure exerted by the stone that’s on top of the anchovies. With a pointed tool, a vriale, a whole is drilled at the bottom of the terzigno and an amber liquid is released drop by drop.

Colatura oil. A unique taste sensation.

Slowly going through the various layers, the fluid collects the best of the organoleptic characteristics of anchovies. And, the oily liquid that is dripping from the hole has already been filtered by those same layers of anchovies and salt. The anchovy colatura is collected in a glass container and then bottled.

Sadly, the extinction of this traditional product is being abused as well. It is often replicated and therefore, not authentic. Colatura is used to prepare and add extra flavour to pasta, vegetables or potatoes.