Egidio Fauzia has always kept a weather eye on his mission: to make a statement about the possibilities and necessity of conscious fashion, through a luxurious contemporary ode to classic designs. His work is casual, but never ordinary. Both timeless and a future expression of today’s vibes.

Casual, but never ordinary.



Pre-order sales 

As one of the first in the business, we’ve made the choice to move away from the traditional retail model and, in stead, focus on a sustainable and innovative concept that benefits all parties involved, namely bringing the collection to the consumer in person from the very first moment.

Each season, we open our doors to inspire clients with our new designs which can then be pre-ordered. Only those garments ordered go into production to prevent dead stock and surpluses.


New kind of luxury

As pioneers in conscious fashion, our contemporary ode to classic, clean-cut styles represent a new kind of luxury. Each garment is a building piece for a lasting, effortless wardrobe. We make it a point to only work with the very best quality fabrics. All F.Egidio yarns carry a sustainable label and are processed into a timeless wardrobe by local craftsmen with a passion for their craft.

By making a conscious choice to avoid dead stock and overconsumption, we try to do our part and change both our own and our customer’s mindset.


For the future. For the world. 

Because we believe every aspect of life is dependent on and tied to another, F.Egidio fully embraces the slow living lifestyle. Founder and designer, Egidio Fauzia, is part of Slow Food, a global grassroots organization that prevents the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions. He believes that in fashion as well as in the food industry, authenticity has become today’s luxury.