Our beliefs. 
Our hopes. 
Our promises.

No-waste fashion

We consciously step away from a fast-fashion model. Luxury doesn’t require wastage. By installing a system that combines pre-sales and private sales we’re able to end the cycle of overproduction.

Forever garments

We believe in investing in garments that will last you a long time. Conscious consumers will be able to create a timeless wardrobe by investing in quality pieces. These pieces can only be made by selecting the most qualitive and preferably natural materials. It’s a process of making the right choices, from the designs to our consumers.

Contemporary craftsmanship

We invest in people. In local, European craftsmanship, which is an art upon itself. These iconic crafts will only stand the test of time if we make an effort to preserve and support them.

Change expectations

We hope sustainability will never go out of style. There is only one way ahead for fashion and our planet. By making a conscious choice to avoid dead stock and overconsumption, we try to do our part and change both our own and our customer’s mindset. For the future. For the world.