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Selling his collection only through temporary showrooms, designer Egidio Fauzia creates a unique sales method, beneficial for both the consumer and the designer.

After creating the collection for next season, you are invited to view, fit and order your favourite pieces. Only after you have decided what to pick from the collection, the ordered pieces will go into production and will be delivered approximately 4 months later, before that actual collection finds its way to the shops. 

This way of working not only gives you the privilege of having a sneak peek at a next season collection. By working directly with the end consumer F. Egidio skips all cost adding factors such as pre-financing a collection, overstock, agents, ... This means F.Egidio is able to provide the best quality of design and materials at the most reasonable price possible.

Are you interested in experiencing a showroom and in being able to buy high-end quality fashion from the designer himself? Make an appointment in one of the showrooms for next season.

We are always looking for new Showroom locations.
Interested in hosting one? Please contact us.